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We have all heard that if you dedicate yourself to the humanities, “you will starve to death.” They are disciplines not very well received in society and are associated with failure. Those who achieve it are a very small percentage in which you should not base your aspirations. But Alex   Carrillo , a young man from Saltillo , Coahuila ,   you have proven that with determination and passion you can do what you love and use it to navigate the business world to earn money.

Alex Carrillo

Like many, he succumbed to external pressure and decided to pursue a career that had nothing to do with his artistic ambitions. One of his teachers even congratulated him for not deciding not to pursue art. It was with that comment that he changed his mind and left the race. From there he dedicated himself to making a name for himself as an illustrator.

In August of last year, in the midst of a pandemic, he created his first project: a coloring book entitled Faces . This not only seeks to generate creativity in those who buy it, but he wanted to honor diversity and show through his art that no matter who you are, you must be included.

Image: Courtesy Alex Carrillo

“I did everything surrounded by computers and I wanted to get rid of that. I felt that my creativity was not flowing and I decided to do the project. The book is called Faces ( Faces , in English), and it is a coloring book and what I wanted to show were different people. Regardless of gender, regardless of the way you are, or your physical attributes, regardless of anything … different people living together. ”, Alex told about the beginnings of his career in an interview with Entrepreneur en Español .

What started as a hobbyist project turned out to be a best-seller on Amazon. He was looking for different ways to publish the book. He reached base with publishers that did open their doors for him, but they wanted to change several things to his work. So Alex decided to self-publish on Amazon’s platform, Kindle Direct Publishing . To his surprise, the day after he had uploaded his work to the marketplace , a friend spoke to him to tell him that Faces was next to JK Rowling and that both works were fighting for first place in the Art and Culture category. Before taking it out, he had talked to his mother and told her that with one person …….


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