Trinity Publications Group Predicts Will Smith’s Best Shape Of My Life Docuseries Will Inspire More Enterprisers To Make 2022 The Year Of The Magnetic Memoir – Digital Journal


Inspired by Will Smith’s docuseries where Smith takes a stand on authenticity, Trinity Publications Group launches new Author Alchemy Masterclass to help home-based professionals, freelancers and solopreneurs author their own magnetic memoir for free.

The official trailer of Will Smith’s, ‘Best Shape Of My Life’ docuseries was published on October 29, 2021. Love didn’t see the trailer until December 9, 2021, after she’d seen a few clips of the actual series. In the trailer, Smith stated, “I’m writing my book and it’s like exposing my life …what you’ve come to understand as Will Smith …is largely a construction, a carefully crafted and honed character designed to protect myself; to hide myself from the world; to hide the coward.”

Smith’s confession of developing a social character to hide behind mirrored Love’s own journey of repackaging herself into the world-class publisher she became before covid drove the world into social distancing. Love said, “I used to help small business owners become published authors, Amazon Best Sellers and seen on dozens of online media outlets. That was good for what it was but when all the hoopla settled, my committed clients just had more accolades to add to their already many achievements. For me that felt, well small. That undercurrent of dissatisfaction got magnified when covid hit. I had to figure out how to do better.”

Seeing the trailer solidified Love’s commitment to launch the Author Alchemy Masterclass for home-based professionals, freelancers and solopreneurs because that’s where her heart is. Love takes a stand for one-man army enterprisers because big publishing houses usually reject would-be authors for lack of being a big name or having a platform with a big audience waiting in the wings to purchase their forthcoming book.

Without a built-in audience, the home-based professional, freelancer or solopreneur has little publishing options outside of self-publishing which can leave the author worse off if their book isn’t up to traditional publishing standards; or expensive vanity publishing which can deliver a professional product but not necessarily sales as the books are designed to showcase the author’s “social character” as an influencer, not the depth of their humanity and authenticity as Smith demonstrates in his memoir, “Will.”

The corresponding ‘Best Shape Of My Life’ docuseries chronicles Smith’s book and fitness goals. Smith said, “I was not prepared for the level of pain and drain that would be in this journey.” Love echoes that sentiment, “I don’t want to just move the “authority needle” for my clients, I want to move the “authenticity needle” too because I found making money wasn’t enough to give me a sense of fulfillment. I want and need a life that matters on a cellular level. You don’t get that from surface level living; you’ve got to deep dive into the depths of your soul and that’…….


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