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A common question would-be authorpreneurs ask is if they should self-publish their book or pursue a deal with a traditional publisher. While both types of publishing have pros and cons, most entrepreneurs are best served with self-publishing. However, many people skimp on some basic, important expenses when self-publishing. It’s important to know ahead of time what’s optional and what’s not when writing and publishing your own business book.

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Self-publishing means you get your message out there faster

If you can get a literary agent and a traditional publishing contract, you might wait months or even years to get your book to market. And that’s not counting the time it takes to find a willing agent and publisher — an arduous process with no guarantees of success.

However, you might find yourself procrastinating without a publishing deadline set in stone. This is where a qualified book coach can help keep you on track. Or, you can try to self-motivate by telling everyone who will listen when you plan to finish and publish your book.

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Once you have these four steps completed, you can self-publish your book in a day 

  1. An edited or proofread book: Do not skip this step. A book full of typos will make you look like an amateur. Amazon reviews abound about authors who did not invest in editing or proofreading services. 
  2. A high-quality book cover: Again, this is not something to avoid. While Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has template covers, people can, will and do judge a book by its cover. With a lackluster book cover that looks like everyone else’s, people may not pick up your book at all.
  3. Book formatting: You need the document with your book in it formatted for digital and print. This usually requires the services of a professional. The good news is your editor or cover designer can include it in their services. Or, (this is rare advice from me) you can use the cheapest person you can find on a site like Fiverr.
  4. A well-written author bio and book description: This is important for the back of your printed book cover. And even if you go digital-only, you need these for your Amazon page, your website, any press releases, etc.

Now, let’s go back to why self-publishing is better than pursuing that elusive book contract.

Self-publishing allows you full, permanent control of your content

Quite a few people have come to me upset because they went with a publisher and the book went out of print. Publishers do this when they don’t see a way …….


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