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In early 2019, I set out on a journey.

I had been writing for a little while — the Right as Rain column started in 2018, after all. But the only type of writing I had done at that point was short form articles and essays.

I had more to say.

So, I started writing my first book based on the thoughts, ideas, and experiences I had telling stories through video for 15 years. Basically distilling all the lessons I had learned the hard way making low-budget documentaries.

My plan to release the book was set and I naively thought I’d be done in 3 months.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

And that was totally okay because I learned so much more during that time. I became a better storyteller and each month that passed the book actually got better. I talked to publishers, literary agents, editors, and publicists to learn all I could about the process.

Then, I planned to self-publish it in the Spring of 2020, but it still wasn’t quite finished. I kept working. Finally, later that year, I got 90% done and started interviewing editors.

Most were too expensive for me, even though I found some great fits. I looked into hybrid publishing, but it was way too expensive.

Then, I found the PERFECT editor. All the ability and at a rate I couldn’t believe.

I was finally moving forward. Until I never heard from him again. Completely ghosted.

So I decided to bank on who and what I can rely on — myself and my team.

It was new territory for all of us. I was a first-time author. My producer Chandler was a first-time editor, though she had plenty of experience proofreading. And my graphic designer Amy was designing and formatting her first book, cover to cover.

Time kept ticking and I was getting stressed not reaching the finish line.

I could blame it on the pandemic, or having a new baby, or plenty of other things. But the reality is that a project of this size and scope simply takes a lot of time to execute effectively. For me, it took three years, to be exact.

And what I learned is that whenever it happens is actually the “right time.” Especially if you’re clear on who you aim to serve with your book.

Here’s who mine is for: the small business owner, entrepreneur, or nonprofit that is overworked and under-resourced, trying to keep up with the demands of content marketing.

We dial it back and make it simple with this book: learn how to communicate your message effectively first (through story), and THEN find the tool that best fits your business to deliver that message.

Even though this process took me three years and I hoped to …….


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