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Today we chat with Hannah Cao about her first—and beautiful—novel Cafe at 46 Old Street. This debut is an amazing comfort book, a story that features four extremely real characters who will change each other’s lives after meeting and connecting with each other at a small coffee shop in London.

In this interview, we talked with Hannah about her writing process, her favourite parts to write, upcoming projects, and so much more! Don’t miss out on this emotional and heartfelt debut!

Hello Hannah! First of all thank you for joining us and congratulations on your debut novel! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thank you for having me! I’m a Vietnamese-German poet and novelist based in Germany and when people ask me what I write about, I find that I can summarise it very well by saying that I am fascinated by people and places, thus I write about people and places, and everything in between. I work two jobs – I’m a barista and also a hotel receptionist by day. I read in my breaks and on my way to work and back home, and I spend my nights watching films and writing. Growing up in Germany, having lived a while in England, and spending summers in Vietnam, I have always felt like I belonged to three different places – or these places have stolen parts of me so I am left with a constant sense of yearning.

Now, tell us more about Cafe at 46 Old Street! What can readers expect?

I like to describe my debut novel as a love letter to London, written in four POVs, about a cafe owner, a baker, a barkeeper and the new regular who meet in this Soho Cafe at 46 Old Street and end up changing each other’s lives. It’s a character driven story and best read with a cup of tea in a cosy setting.

What sparked you to bring this story to the page?

My love for London, clearly, and my urge to write something comforting for the everyday people. The people who feel like they should do more. The people who feel scared to take a leap. The people who are too scared to fail. The people who feel too different.

Cafe at 46 Old Street is your debut novel. What’s been your favourite part about the writing and (self)publishing process so far?

I’ve always liked to romanticise places and appreciate a city filled to the brim with all different kinds of people with their own stories, and all the possibilities their lives could change in that very setting. Writing CA46OS, I could gush about my favourite city, part of myself, and bring its charm to the page as the backdrop to each of the characters’ lives. It was sort …….

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