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“The Mudbug and the Winged Creature” is Park City-based author Pam Carlquist’s new book. She was inspired to write the book, which retells the tale about a larvae turning into a dragonfly, after a friend told her about his experience at a funeral 40 years ago.
Courtesy of Pam Carlquist

Park City-based author Pam Carlquist has been working on her new novella, “The Mudbug and the Winged Creature,” for nearly 40 years.

“When I was in my late 20s, a good friend of mine told me about a funeral he attended for two young siblings who had been tragically killed in an auto-pedestrian accident,” Carlquist said. “He came home from the service in awe, because the parents, who were devastated by the incident, created a beautiful memorial service that was a total celebration of life.”

The parents expressed their gratitude for the short, but happy time that they had been able to share with their children, and the presiding pastor told a metaphoric story about a water bug that eventually changed into a dragonfly, she said.

“The pastor talked about the bug’s transformation from being a creature that was just plodding around on the earth to something that would eventually be able to fly free,” Carlquist said. That story touched Carlquist so much that she rewrote it several years later for her cousin who had lost a child through a long illness.

“Before I wrote it down, I hunted through bookstores and libraries, trying to find this story, because I thought it would help my cousin,” she said. “I couldn’t find it, so I wrote what I could best remember about this story down. I sent it off to her.”

At that time, Carlquist taught English at Park City High School and used the story in a program she developed called Motivational Magic.

“We would use the story in a couple of exercises, and I had several students tell me that I needed to turn the story into a real book,” she said. “I thought about that for years, and eventually decided to do it.”

Carlquist recruited her friend, photographer David Anderson, to take some photos for the book.

“I decided to put it aside, because I was inexperienced and not good enough to work with Photoshop as I wanted to be,” she said.

For years, Carlquist thought about the book and hired a graphic artist to help her with the cover and interior formatting.

“I eventually learned how to do Photoshop and took the project on myself, because of the very nature …….


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