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Something I felt was absent from a lot of the advice available about narcissism was the greater purpose of it.

Author Esther Hunter returns to the publishing scene with the release of “From Narcissism To Nirvana” (published by Balboa Press AU). In this self-improvement book, she offers a new perspective on narcissism and discusses how it is a gift that can be used for spiritual awakening.

“I have dealt with a lot of narcissistic people throughout my life,” the author shares. “Something I felt was absent from a lot of the advice available about narcissism was the greater purpose of it. The traits, behaviours, and negative effects are categorised and written about widely, however this is primarily used for self-diagnosing people to ultimately discard. It causes a lot of fear and not much rehabilitation. I aim to help people deeply connect with their Soul as a result of dealing with or being a narcissist.”

“From Narcissism To Nirvana” looks at narcissism through the lens of love. It explains how narcissism is not a dirty word and should not be feared. The book shares insights on how and why abusive people do what they do, and helps readers choose a compassionate angle to demystify the ways they can make a real difference instead of leaving and repeating the cycle. Ultimately, it reveals how resolving the inner conflicts which caused individuals to become or encounter a narcissist, can lead them towards enlightenment.

This book will appeal to those who want to understand the spiritual aspects of narcissism. It also presents useful advice for all parties involved in narcissistic relationship dynamics. To purchase a copy, visit

“From Narcissism To Nirvana”

By Esther Hunter

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 162 pages | ISBN 9781982292515

E-Book | 162 pages | ISBN 9781982292522

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Australian author Esther Hunter produces powerfully-authentic life advice which stems from years of research and deep spiritual contemplation. She lectures at Southern Cross University and has been teaching music for many years. Her writing synthesizes intellectual concepts with intuitive wisdom, aiming to deliver complex advice in the simplest form. In her words, “a simple dish is easily digested.” Hunter holds a master’s degree from the Queensland Conservatorium and has over 80 original songs published. Her motivation to write is to raise the consciousness level of humanity through a multitude of mediums. She has also authored “100 Days of Deep Wisdom,” “Gems of Wisdom Daily Oracle” and “Pretty Pages of Pain.”

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