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Denny Hatch announces publication of ‘Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs’

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Last year Denny Hatch discovered when he was laughing and having a hilarious time, his daily dose of dread, angst, fear and worry vanished.

To share laughter with others and “make the world a happier place,” Hatch decided to dig deep and came up with 87 of the best jokes — thigh-slappers — he managed to remember over the past 75 years, which he compiled in “Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs” (published by Archway Publishing). (Note: These are for adults. Most are R-rated.)

The author leads off with what he believes to be the funniest joke in the history of the world. Hatch adds, “If anyone knows a funnier joke, I certainly want to hear it.”

According to Hatch, patter songs are found on and off Broadway, in opera, vaudeville, and burlesque, on television, in movies, in nightclubs, and of course, in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. The author has assembled 87 of what he believes are “the wittiest, most wonderful rata-tat-tat interior rhymes, alliteration, and musical surprises by the greatest showbiz lyricists and composers.” He also includes one of his favorites from the Michael Stewart and Cy Coleman musical, “Barnum.”

“Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs” brings readers 112 YouTube performances by many entertainers of the last 100 years such as Danny Kaye, Noel Coward, Tom Lehrer, Julie Andrews, Phil Harris, Elaine Stritch, Fred Astaire, Martyn Green and dozens more.

With a mouse click readers will have over five hours of YouTube entertainment on any device from small to huge: iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop — all the way up to wall-sized smart TVs. A bonus: if readers itch to learn any these “joyous bagatelles,” “Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs” includes access to the full lyrics.

“Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs” is available for purchase online at the Archway link above, from Barnes & Noble and on Amazon at:

“Bawdy Jokes & Patter Songs”
By Denny Hatch
Softcover | 8.25 x 11 in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781665709170
E-Book | 154 pages | ISBN 9781665709163
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Denny Hatch has spent his 60-year career in advertising, marketing, and direct marketing. He is the author of seven business books and four novels.

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