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The upcoming Bologna Children’s Book Fair program will include instructional sessions set up by the Bologna Book Plus team.

At the Basilica di San Petronio in Bologna, a shot from October 2021. Image – Getty iStockphoto: Kateryna Kravchuk-Rudomotkina

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

Thomas: ‘Ingenuity, Creativity, Ambition’

Ahead of the 2022 Bologna Children’s Book Fair (March 21 to 24) a second doing of the Bologna Book Plus program is being planned, again with Jacks Thomas guest-directing.

While in last year’s digital evocation of Bologna—the second year in which the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic had scuttled the physical show—the conference element of this series was programmed for one day, the 2022 edition presumably will have its moments across several days so that professional trade visitors can schedule their meetings and consultations around the programming.

Bologna Book Plus is described as an “exhibit, conferences, and training program,” suggesting that what we’re seeing now is the training part and that we’re likely to hear more about conferences and exhibiting going forward.

In essence, this is Bologna’s attempt to augment with more general industry programming the children’s publishing focus that has made it the world’s largest trade show for children’s and young adult books and illustration. Bologna Book Plus this year is being tied to the international exhibit part of Bologna’s dizzying array of features, and is being designed this year to “host a series of curated events and training programs targeted at a general trade audience.”

Included in the Plus effort this year is an event for people who want to become literary agents. The session has one of those titles that includes the word “successful” in a funny context: “Call Your Agent: How To Become a Successful Literary Agent”—as if there has ever been a course offered called “How To Become a Failed Literary Agent.”

Of course, success is the goal, and we have today (February 1) that one listed below among others in a quick rundown of the coming activities.

Jacks Thomas

In a prepared statement on the release of these plans for Bologna Book Plus, Thomas is quoted saying that after the program’s digital inauguration in 2021, the in-person event this year, will be “building on the digital initiatives of last year.

“The program reflects the ingenuity, creativity, and ambition of our industry across the globe,” Thomas says, “while introducing events and conferences that support the industry of tomorrow.

“Bologna, at the heart of the book world for more than 50 years, is the perfect opportunity to embrace everything that publishing has to offer and we’re looking forward to being there with you.”

At this point, we aren’t being offered ticket prices. Ticketing information, according to a note on the site, …….


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