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Spoiler alert: I highly recommend it

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In the 90s, unsigned musicians used to print their own CDs and sell them on street corners. It was a way to step around the music industry and its exploitative contracts.

Since then, the proliferation of the internet has improved the prospects of artists of all kinds. Now we have many platforms to choose from when publishing our work. Writers are, perhaps, the primary beneficiaries of this evolution.

The difference is that unsigned musicians in the 90s wanted to get signed eventually; self-published authors predominantly don’t.

A book publisher from Canada once found my writing and offered a book deal to me.

The deal was: $5,000 (half up-front) for a book of about 200 pages and no royalties.

I scoffed loudly (as one does when someone is trying to screw them over) and asked for $10,000 + 50% royalties. They backed out immediately, saying that’s very far from what they offer to authors.

I thought they were lying, but it turned out I was naive. When I asked several authors I know about this, they said the deal was pretty standard. Unless you are a very big name, you’re lucky if you can get 10% royalties.

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