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With the help of his friends and flying skills, FBI drone pilot Reginald (Rex) Remington III battles a terrorist who has kidnapped his sister and now threatens all of San Francisco in Alan Kopilec’s new mystery novel “The Panga Attack” (published by Archway Publishing).

“The Panga Attack” begins with a historical fiction Cold war prologue illustrated in the 1970s following Rex Remington’s grandfather Reginald Remington I on a CIA mission in Crimea. Due to the suspicious nature of Reginald Remington I’s death, Rex’s father dedicated his life to telling conspiracy theories from his hotel bar. When his father is found dead in his suite, Rex suspects his little sister has a relationship with her kidnapper—a weapons dealer named Ashaar. With avenging his father’s killers, saving his sister and the city of San Francisco all on the line, Rex battles Ashaar by hacking databases and controlling his drones with his digital bionic eye.

This book provides a geo-political theme while entertaining readers with the POV’s of main characters, who are sometimes using camera feed from drones as their POV. They use technology in battling each other in a world where the truth is suppressed by the government and distorted by the media.” Kopilec says. “Two conspiracy theories of the past come together in this exciting novel while the main characters run a high-stakes game of high-tech cat-and-mouse.”

“The Panga Attack” is available for purchase online at the Archway link above, from Barnes & Noble and on Amazon at:

“The Panga Attack”

By Alan Kopilec

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 194 pages | ISBN 9781665704021

Softcover | | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 194 pages | ISBN 9781665704038

E-Book | 194 pages | ISBN 9781665704045

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Alan Kopilec was born in Ohio and grew up in California. He worked in customer service, accounting, and academic counseling while earning higher degrees. He earned an Associate in Arts in business administration, a Bachelor of Science in e-business commerce, and a Master of Science in public administration. He currently resides on the Oregon coast and enjoys photography and writing.

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