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7 Hrs AgoA screensht of the Digital Canopi, the online e-book platform of Royards Publishing. –

On December 3, Royards Publishing introduced its new online e-book platform, Digital Canopi.

The project began during the covid19 lockdown, explained Dwight Narinesingh, a second-generation director of the publishing company.

One of the most effective tools we have in this covid lockdown is technology,” he said during the livestreamed launch.

“As the world goes digital, we have to adapt.”

Royards has been in business for 35 years with 150 educational titles currently in print publication.

According to its website, the company was founded in 1984 in Trinidad and since then has served the Caribbean region extending to Belize, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. It produces curriculum material at both the primary and secondary levels.

“We need to be able to offer those textbooks to students and schools as e-book options,” Narinesingh said.

“We are responding to the need for blended learning and digital shifts.”

Sheldon Monderoy, chief technology officer of Blue Guruz which provides IT support and services to emerging markets for a range of businesses, from SME’s through to large multi-site organisations. –

Sheldon Monderoy, chief technology officer of Blue Guruz, built the first phase of the project with an emphasis on efficiency and transparency for publishers.

Information for publishers and authors is immediately available on the backend of the service.

For users, getting a book from Digital Canopi is a familiar two-part exercise modelled on the Amazon Kindle method of e-book distribution.

Users create an account on the Digital Canopi website and browse the available books there.

There are currently 175 books available on the platform from 47 authors and the company is currently in talks with another 20 about hosting their books in digital format.

Books on the platform earn authors and publishers an 80 per cent royalty minus bank charges, withholding taxes and any ancillary fees. Digital Canopi takes 20 per cent for hosting and delivery.

Asked about the listing of books in US dollars and author payment, Narinesingh noted that: “Various settlement options were explored as the goal is to be accessible globally.”

“For that reason, we have kept the currency to a constant US dollar. We are utilising the services of Stripe credit card processing in the US for secure transactions and the US dollar is the …….


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