Day 3: Until Next Time –


Three days of comic books, geek merch, panels from experts in the industry, anime movies, and live-action role-playing games might sound like a lot for some people. But for those who still preserve that inner child, being surrounded by this fantastic agglomeration of fandom is one of the top events in their calendar every year. Even though the Special Edition of the San Diego Comic-Con in November was much smaller than the regular previous ones in June, it still had the same heart and spirit that makes people want to return year after year.

One of the most interesting panels mxdwn went to on Sunday has to be Legion M. For those who haven’t heard of them yet, they are the studio behind the production of indie films such as Mandy(2018), with Nicolas Cage or Colossal(2016) with Anne Hathaway. Legion M also helped filmmaker Kevin Smith with his project Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (2019).

Their latest project is called The Man in the White Van, about an adolescent girl who believes she is being followed by a white van. Nobody believed her, including her own parents, until one day she goes missing. Legion M is currently marketing hard to reach one million investors. They want to be the first fan-owned studio in Hollywood, and of the world for that matter.

About a dozen panels were giving one-hour ‘how to…’ masterclasses over the weekend. For any content creator out there, whether they’re video game streamers, YouTubers, artists, or writers, these panels were highly informative and eye-opening as the panelists held a short Q & A towards the end of the session. From getting contacts to learning how to contact other content creators, monetizing, self-publishing, social-media activity, and awareness.

Some of these panels will also be available at the Los Angeles Comic-Con the very next weekend for those who missed out on these. Overall, it was a truly inspiring weekend with experts from the industry that genuinely wanted to “send the elevator back down.”

Later in the evening, many friends who only ever gather for these kinds of events said their goodbyes before making their long trip back home. The mxdwn crew looked back to get one last glimpse at the San Diego Convention Center and saluted the Comic-Con logo farewell. Until next time.



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