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While Monticello is certainly no stranger to talent, one talented member of our community has recently made a big break-through in her creative process! Many of you may know her as 21-year-old Abby, a staple of local restaurant Tupelo’s Bakery, but for you readers out there, you may instead recognize her full name, Abigail C. Edwards, from the cover of her latest novel, which features artwork from the skillful imagination of Sarah Tharpe.
Her book, And We All Bled Oil, is defined by Edwards as Young Adult Contemporary fiction, a genre that is often described as “realistic fiction” that is geared toward young adults aged 13 to 18 years old. In this novel, readers follow the story of Pia Mazano, who, in the wake of her parents’ sudden death, moves to New York City to live with her extravagant Italian family, becoming entangled in the world of age-old vendettas, illegal olive-oil trafficking, million-dollar engagement parties and the resurgent Sicilian mafia. At the forefront of it all is Pia’s uncle, Savino Vitelli, the only person who understands Pia’s desire to protect her siblings and the last person she can trust. With her unhinged cousin Massimo and the pretentiously academic Tonio at her side, Pia plots to take down the family business and end decades of tradition, obsession and bloodshed.
Edwards says that inspiration for this elaborate tale came from several different aspects of her day to day life. “Working at Tupelo’s, I’ve wanted to write a book involving a bakery for quite a while,” says Edwards, adding that a combination of her general culinary interests and her food science courses at FSU eventually led to an interest in the olive oil industry. “My mom’s family has a history in the Sicilian mafia/ New Orleans mob scenes, so I grew up hearing stories about those affiliations. It all came together when I decided to write the book I most wanted to read, which combined these into one story.”
Although writing can be a time-consuming endeavor, Edwards reveals that this particular book was a swift process. “Writing the first draft took about three months, which is unusual for me,” she stated, “I typically take much longer.” Having grown up in a household full of avid readers, Edwards always dreamed of writing her very own book someday, and began seriously writing when she was 13 years old. “I was actually in the midst of querying literary agents for another book when I started working on And We All Bled Oil as a distraction.”
Even with her book still practically hot off the press, Edwards is already working on her next novel, which will also be a Young Adult book. Details regarding this book are currently being kept under careful lock and key, but Edwards hopes to share more news about it this spring! And as if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, this tireless writer plans on following that book with a sequel …….

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