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Self-publishing is rapidly on the rise, with The Self-Publishing Agency, Inc helping authors … [+] succeed.


Self-publishing continues to rise in popularity, with growth expected at 17% compound annual growth rate per year compared to traditional publishing, which is projected to grow at just 1%. Some 300 million self-published books are sold each year. While self-published authors do not receive an advance and therefore must front the money for producing their books, the trade-off is that they get to take control, determining when and where their work is shared and taking home a far higher percentage of each book sale.

Amanda Gorman and Rupi Kaur are just two celebrity authors who have chosen this path, skipping over the traditional publishing industry’s long-established process to create their own opportunities. Trade publishers also act as gatekeepers, making it difficult for new, unproven writers to ever secure a deal. Self-publishing allows anyone to release a book. As with traditional publishing, the work then comes in promoting it.

Megan Williams is the founder and CEO of The Self-Publishing Agency, Inc. (TSPA).

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Megan Williams is the CEO and founder of The Self Publishing Agency, Inc. (TSPA), a self-publishing company that works with authors from around the world. It is the only self-publishing agency in North America that doesn’t take royalties from its authors. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in spring 2020, TSPA has seen over 300% growth.

The agency recently signed bestselling author Kristine Carlson, who wrote the series Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. Lifetime released a film with star Heather Locklear playing the author in Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story, based on Carlson’s 2011 book Heartbroken Open.

TSPA has seen a 130% increase in the number of US-based authors that have come onboard in recent years. Williams attributes this increase to the exchange rate between U.S. and Canadian dollars, which now tilts in favor of Americans, allowing them to use TSPA’s service at 20-40% of the cost they would pay at home.

Megan Williams offers tips for success in self-publishing.


Here are Williams’ top eight tips for successful self-publishing:

1) Know this: Good enough is not great.

Build a team of people who are better at their jobs than you are. Hire a professional editor and designer who can take your book from good to great. (Hint: Asking a friend who “reads a lot” to proofread your writing isn’t the same as hiring a book editor.)

2) Work around financial barriers.

If hiring a professional publishing team isn’t in …….

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/meimeifox/2022/07/07/8-steps-to-success-in-self-publishing-from-tspa-founder-megan-williams/

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